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How Should Banks Change the Way They Treat Homeowners?

Tell us how you’d like to see banks change the way they treat homeowners.  Please use the comment section for your responses.

  1. Michael Szalay
    March 27, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    WORK to keep the homeowner in their home. The Banks have the tools and resources to dramatically reduce the foreclosure rate and help the economy and the housing market by utilizing CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS and renegotiating with the Customer to keep them in their home. In my case, I had a heart attack, lost my job, went back to work with a 25K reduction in salary working as a Temp for a Staffing Company and 5 years later had a stroke, out of work and waited 7 months before my SSDI came in. Now I am further behind. Interest rate of 9.375%. The Big Banks were bailed out and they should be mandated by the Federal Government to keep homeowners in their home. Reduction in principal and interest rate to a manageable rate. SSDI does not even come close to what I made monthly when I worked. The Banks can do a lot to help the economy and homeowners by WORKING and being a partner in the Community and not tearing it down. They created the mortgage mess and they can fix it! I see BOA wants to be a landlord. Is this the Big Banks answer to fix the mortgage mess? Will Wells Fargo and the others follow? Probably…they see a market out there.

  2. March 28, 2012 at 8:22 am

    When a home owner is calling a bank, they for the most part are trying to make a payment, or arrange to make a payment on their resposibility. Why are we treated like we have a sickness, and you cannot be near us. Every one has a unquie situtation, but not one person is trying to not pay just be given the respect to handle their issues, an continue to pay sometimes less to just get thru the issue.

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