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Demand Banks Stop Unfair and Deceptive Practices Against Homeowners

March 30, 2012 1 comment

We’re tired of watching banks destroy homeowners lives.  It’s bad enough to be a homeowner who may have lost a job or is struggling with a health issue.  We’ve all seen how banks take advantage of homeowners when they are the most vulnerable. We’ve created a petition and we’re aiming it at the top!

Collectively we can band together, stop the madness and force banks to do what’s right for homeowners. Help spread the word by sharing this petition with friends and family.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said:  Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.  It’s time for homeowners to stop being silent and stand up for their rights.


How Banks Put Homeowners in More Jeopardy

February 14, 2012 2 comments

We’ve started a petition for Susan Leonard because she is an excellent example of how banks put homeowners in more jeopardy.We hear different variations of Susan’s story every day.

Susan had surgery, missed time at work which reduced her income. Following her illness she was laid off from her job. She was able to find another job, but the pay is lower which reduced her income significantly.  Susan applied for a Homes Affordable Modification with Bank of America and was approved for a trial modification. She was told if she made the three trial payments on time she would be considered for a permanent loan modification.

After completing the trial plan Susan inquired with Bank of America and was told that she was approved for the permanent modification, but because the program was so popular they were having a difficult time getting the permanent loan modification packages out to homeowners. Susan was told to continue to make the trial payment amount each month. Bank of America deceived and mislead Susan into believing she had been approved for a permanent modification for 25 months! She made her 26th payment, but Bank of America sent it back to her and told Susan her home was in foreclosure. On December 21, 2011 her home was sold at auction.

Susan has a very modest home with a $88,000 mortgage. She is a hard working American who wants to pay her mortgage.  But Susan’s mortgage had PMI – that’s mortgage insurance. Bank of America would much rather collect on the mortgage insurance policy than work with Susan to keep her in her home. Bank of America put Susan in more jeopardy by leading her to believe that the 26 month trial modification would lead to a permanent modification and then later demanding the arrears. With a reduced income and the belief that she would be paying the new modified payment for the life of the loan, she could not possibly pay the past due amount that Bank of America claimed she owed. Bank of America set her up to fail!

Unfortunately, Susan’s story is not unique.This is happening to homeowners across the country. It’s by far the most common story HSITrust hears from homeowners.

Join us in demanding that Bank of America rescind this wrongful foreclosure and discontinue unfair and deceptive practices against homeowners. Please sign our petition for Susan Leonard.

Help us create change!

Petition: Bank of America President and CEO Brian T. Moynihan: Rescind Susan Leonard’s Foreclosure |

February 13, 2012 2 comments

Bank of America offered Susan Leonard of Northern Michigan a HAMP trial loan modification in 2009. After completing her trial payments on time, Susan was told by Bank of America that she would be receiving permanent loan modification documents. Those documents never arrived and after making 25 payments on time, Bank of America sent the 26th payment back to her and proceeded with foreclosure. Susan’s home was auctioned on December 21, 2011.

Unfortunately this type of unfair and deceptive behavior is all too common. HSITrust hears stories similar to Susan’s every day. Please join us in demanding that Bank of America rescind Susan’s foreclosure and prevent this from happening to other homeowners!

Please use the link below to sign and share this petition with friends and family and help us reverse this wrongful foreclosure.

Petition: Bank of America President and CEO Brian T. Moynihan: Rescind Susan Leonard’s Foreclosure |

Rachel Kendall and Supporters to Protest with Occupy Sacramento at Wells Fargo Event

February 8, 2012 12 comments

Rachel Kendall and her supporters will be joined by Occupy Sacramento to protest at the Wells Fargo Home Preservation Event in Sacramento on February 9, 2012. For anyone who is interested in joining them, the address is:

Sacramento Convention Center

1400 J Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

Perhaps the protestors will encourage Wells Fargo to preserve home ownership instead of using unfair and deceptive practices that lead to foreclosure.

If you can’t be at the event, please sign our petition telling Wells Fargo you stand with Rachel Kendall.

Rachel Kendall and Supporters will be Protesting at Wells Fargo Event

February 6, 2012 4 comments

Rachel Kendall and supporters will be protesting at the Wells Fargo Home Preservation Event in Sacramento, California on February 8, 2012. They will be protesting Rachel’s wrongful foreclosure and Wells Fargo’s unfair and deceptive practices towards other homeowners.

The address is:

Sacramento Convention Center

1400 J Street Sacramento, CA 95814

Feb 8th – 9am – 7pm

You can read more about Rachel Kendall here on our blog. Please support her fight to have her wrongful foreclosure rescinded by stopping by the event and/or signing our petition at

Please share this post with your friends via email, Twitter or Facebook.

Economic Justice Petition: John G. Stumpf, CEO Wells Fargo: Rescind Rachel Kendall’s Foreclosure Auction |

February 1, 2012 Leave a comment

We have over 500 signatures on our petition for Rachel Kendall. Please help us reach our goal of 1000 signatures by forwarding this petition to your friends and family. We are sending Wells Fargo a message that what they have done to Rachel and her family is unacceptable.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably already outraged at the behavior of banks like Wells Fargo. Please join our efforts to make a difference. It really could happen to your family!


Economic Justice Petition: John G. Stumpf, CEO Wells Fargo: Rescind Rachel Kendall’s Foreclosure Auction |

We are Still Collecting Signatures to Rescind Rachel Kendall’s Foreclosure

January 16, 2012 6 comments

Please sign our petition and help us put pressure on Wells Fargo to rescind this wrongful foreclosure! Then pass the link on to your friends and family. We appreciate your support!